Haley Rose Design Studio
Hastings, MI 49058


Hi, everybody! My name is Haley I’m so glad you have found my little business. I make lots of art… art prints, hand printed paper, hand bound journals, paintings, and the occasional photograph… so there should be a little piece of whimsy for everybody. I create becasue it calms me down and brings me joy and I hope you might find a little piece of that in my work too. My work is simple, like my life is. I work from my home, a little old farmhouse in Michigan, with my family by my side. My work gravitates towards things I know and love, like nature, botanicals, trees, and animals. I hope you love all my work but I especially hope you love my journals. They are all blank for you to fill up with you own ideas and world changing thoughts. My goal is to spread this small web of creativity I’ve spun as far and wide as possible. I bind these pieces so our world will have more art and joy and magic. Thank you for visiting!